The month of August 2022 is over and we want to give you an overview of some of the events we were involved in and the achievements of our athletes. It includes the athletes' first time at colleges, media day and a look at the start of the season.

Athletes sent off to college

August was the month when we could send the last athletes to college. There were 94 athletes this year, all of whom will either be studying for a full bachelor's, a master's, having a sabbatical, or on exchange as a student athlete. They all received scholarships based on their athletic and academic achievements. We wish them all the best of luck for their next years in the US. We look forward to following their progress

Statistics of which divisions we have sent athletes to.

Media day

At the start of each season, all teams go through a media day. It's a super cool day that involves making both photo and film material about the team, their uniforms, new players and the facilities at the college. It's a day where you really get to feel like a professional footballer with your teammates. Below you can see a video clip of what a media day might be like.

Media day at the University of Evansville Athletics.

The college season has kicked off!

The season is about to start for all colleges here in August 2022. Almost all of the players we have sent out have been in action for their new school. That means new NSSA derbies, long away tripse and selffoil free targets - lots of targets. It's always hard to start somewhere new, especially when it's so far from home. Despite this we mention Lars Walczyk, Magnus Jørgensen, Mikkel Gøling and Gabriel Adriano Alves Christensen who all har scored goals in their first matches for their new team. However, Oliver Fehintola is the NSSA top scorer so far as he has already scored 2 goals for his team The Badgers at Snow College in Utah. It's shaping up to be a great season!

Preseason is always a great start to the season. It's where you get in shape and get to know your teammates. Anna Brøcher Madsen's preseason got an extra gift this year. Her college, Nicholls State University, had chosen to have it in Hawaii followed by a trip to California. The only thing she had to complain about was the towering temperatures, which made preseason extra tough.

Several of our players have had some great experiences in the first games of the season. Nikolai Røjel was part of an important win for Wofford College over Clemson University in the preseason. This gave the college a solid start to the season and has certainly given them something to build on. At the same time, both Kasper Jørgensen & Marcus Wærn had a great experience when they also played in against Clemson University earlier this month. A full 3000 fans showed up to support them in a tough away game. A great backdrop for them to represent their college in.

We also feel it is worth mentioning which of the national college divisions NSSA`s players are represented in. At the college level there are 4 divisions on both the boys and girls side (NCAA Division 1, NCAA Division 2, NAIA and NJCAA). For a number of players from the NSSA are currently present in the higher ranked divisions.

In the top 25 of NCAA Division 1 on the boys side are universities Maryland, Oregon State, Louisville. On the girls' side, Memphis is at the top. In Division 2, Cal State LA, University of Charleston, Cal Poly Pomona, and Young Harris are in the top 25. In the NAIA association, Indiana Tech and Grand View are represented at the top. Finally, there is the NJCAA, also called junior colleges. Here, on the boys' side, Iowa Western, Snow College, and Pearl River top the list. On the girls' side, Tyler Junior College and Navarro College are ranked high. In total, the NSSA has sent athletes to 39 different states and more than 100 different colleges since 2020.

Injuries to our athletes

Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game and there is no way around it. It's the same in all sports at all levels. Lucas Thomas Christensen has experienced this first hand this month when he suffered a muscle adhesion injury in his pelvic area. At the same time, Monica Birkelund has suffered an ACL injury that will keep her out for the next while. We wish them both a speedy recovery and hope they come back stronger.

Ready to recruit new athletes!

With August 2022 over, we face an exciting time recruiting new athletes to send to college in the US. If you play any sport at a reasonable level, you also have the opportunity to go to college in the US and get a scholarship. A scholarship can potentially pay for 100% of your college experience. If you're just a little bit interested in whether this might be for you, then press her!

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